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Geological Hazards Summer Course



Do you want to learn about the geology of the Azores and the geological hazards that shaped our beautiful landscapes? With the objective of promoting a Knowledge Society, the Research Institute for Volcanology and Risk Assessement (IVAR), in cooperation with the School of Sciences and Technology of the University of the Azores (FCT-UAc), offers the Geological Hazards Summer Course.

Duration​​​ ​Important dates
11/07/2022 – 23/07/2022​​ ​​
21 hours - indoor classes​ Open enrollment: 08/06/2022 to 24/06/2022 23:59 (GMT+00:00)
21 hours - field trips ​Evaluation of applications: 25/06/2022 to 30/06/2022
108 hours - study time and assessment tasks ​Selection process: 01/07/2022

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the economic and social impacts of major destructive geological events and relate them with the Earth dynamics.
2. Identify the geological hazards associated with volcanic regions.
3. Understand the dynamics of seismic and volcanic phenomena in result of geological processes.
4. Understand the diversity, intensity and magnitude of geological hazards.


1.1 Natural disasters and history
1.2 Notions on hazard and risk​
1.3 Notions on multirisk
4.1 Introduction to seismology
4.2 Quantification of seismicity
4.3 Paleoseismology and historical seismicity
2.1 The origin of the Earth and its internal structure
2.2 Geographical distribution and characterization of plate boundaries
2.3 Geographic distribution and geostructural setting of volcanism
2.4 The geological cycle and the main types of rocks
2.5 Geological setting of the Azores archipelago
5.1 Introduction to landslides
5.2 Triggering mechanisms
5.3 Monitoring and forecasting
3.1 Introduction to volcanology
3.2 Volcanic hazards
3.3 Eruptive history
3.4 Monitoring and prediction
6.1 Introduction to tsunamis
6.2 Triggering mechanisms
6.3 Paleotsunamis


To attend this course you are required to:
  • be registered in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD.;
  • have a good English language proficiency (level B2)​, as the classes are in English.


​This course will provide you 6 ECTS credits (equivalent to 3 USA credits).


The tuition fee of the summer course programs is 100 €, which includes a personal accident insurance.

Food, accommodation or travel expenses are not included. You may apply for accommodation at the university student residence through Choose “Accommodation - Application for accommodation”.​

The course can attribute 6 ECTS (3 US Credits) to candidates after successful evaluation. Students demanding ECTS are required to pay a 300 € tuition and will receive a certificate by the University of the Azores.

The University’s American Corner will provide 10 grants to US students, supporting the full cost of ECTS tuition.​


Seats: 20

The admission prioritizes more advanced training, and the tie-breaking criteria is the order of application.

After admission, the students will receive a notification by e-mail with information for the payment of the tuition fee.


Documents relating to the summer course

Contact info

Contact Person: Rita Carmo 

​Telf: +351 296 650 147