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HAVE_CO2: CO2 Hazard Assessment in Volcanic Environments


​Volcanic gases can pose a permanent threat to population, both during eruptive episodes and quiescent periods of activity. Soil diffuse degassing may be the principal hazard in inhabited areas since dangerous gases, such as CO2, are released without being noticed by the population. This work intends to study indoor gas variations in various degassing areas of the Azores archipelago, where symptoms associated to exposure to high CO2 concentrations were already reported. Several statistical approaches will be applied to the data in order to identify short and long-term CO2 changes, as well as to discriminate environmental factors that may interfere with the indoor/outdoor CO2 concentrations. Azores degassing areas will be then used as test sites to produce and validate CO2 hazards maps, based on spatial and temporal data. Similar hazard maps are not found in the literature and constitute valuable tools for volcanic monitoring, land-use planning and public health risks assessment.

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Bolsa Pós-Doutoramento FCT
HAVE_CO2: CO2 Hazard Assessment in Volcanic Environments
Bolseiro: Maria de Fátima Batista Viveiros
Entidade financiadora: FCT
Contrato nº:  SFRH/BPD/100032/2014
Duração: 2015-2018
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