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Referência Bibliográfica

GOULART, C. (2013) - Azoris: Base de dados geográfica para análise de riscos nos Açores. Jornadas da Ciência. Qual a importância do seu estudo no arquipélago dos Açores?, Ponta Delgada, pp.159-163


​AZORIS is a geodatabase structure which aims to include all information, for the Azores, likely to be used in natural hazards analysis in the region. Data models were outlined given the thematic, typological and geographic distribution of the information. The complexity of the geographic distribution of natural phenomena forced mapping to be considered at island and archipelago levels. Over the last decade the Centre for Volcanology and Geological Risks Assessment (CVARG) of the Azores University, has been collecting information related to geology, tectonics and volcanology, creating an archive. The collected data comes in different formats, is from various authors and times and the cartographic bases and georeferencing systems used are not equal, giving metadata an important role on the understanding of the contents. Spatial analysis using GIS tools can be an added value on risk assessment if information with spatial conformity is available. In this context, CVARG defined the Geographic Institute of the Army (IGeoE), 2001 1:25.000 vectorial cartography for the region, as the base mapping to be used, proceeding with the adaptation of existing maps. The task of editing the information goes beyond processing coordinate and data type transformations, demanding verification of contents, thereby increasing the complexity and time of the procedure. Providing researchers with quality data is essential to increase the responsiveness of scientists to natural disasters.