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Referência Bibliográfica

POZO, M.; CARRETERO, M.I.; RUIZ, F.; OLÍAS, M.; ABAD, M.; VIDAL, J.; CÁCERES, L.M.; PRUDÊNCIO, M.I.; DIAS, M.I.; FONT, E.; MUÑOZ, A.M.; IZQUIERDO, T.; TOSCANO, A. (2013) - Geochemistry of Lower Pliocene - Holocene Formations of Doñana National Park (SW Spain). 1: 1-11 pp.


​T​his paper includes the first geochemical analusis of the recently defined formations that conform the Pleistocene-Holocene geological record of Doñana National Park, the most important Biosphere Reserve in Spain. In addition, a multiple geochemical background is proposed by means of the inclusion of unpolluted samples derived from a sediment core collected in the northewestem sector og this area. This background was used to evaluate the impact of the 1998 Aznalcóllar mining spill.