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Referência Bibliográfica

QUENTAL, L., SOARES, A., GASPAR, J.L. (2003) – A lava flow simulation model using a GIS as a contrbution for hazard assessment for Fogo Island, Cabo Verde.Vulcânica, Revista Portuguesa de Vulcanologia, Vol.1, 149-162.


​A basic model for lava flows simulation is implemented and applied to the Fogo volcano using as a test the April 95 eruption; the objective is to evaluate and control future occurrences. Using the techniques of Cellular Automata (CA), the lava is considered a dynamic system varying in time and space. A digital terrain model (DTM) using discrete cells of 15 meters is created in a Geographic Information System (GIS). A stochastic simulation process is used to establish the lava flow. The set of simulated lava images over time periods, allows evaluation of the uncertainty of spatial dispersion of lava, according to its properties, and elaboration of hazard mapping.