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HABAIR - Innovative High Altitude Balloon for Atlantic Observation: Fostering the Development of a Collaborative Platform for Integrated Aerial and Oceanic Research

Coordenador Científico

José Azinheira

Investigador Responsável/IVAR


This project aims to design and develop an aerial hybrid platform that allows the precise positioning of payload for long term atmospheric and/or oceanic monitoring. The proposed solution consists of a high-altitude balloon (HAB) that will carry an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to be released and guided to a predetermined location. The project is driven by the recent initiative launched by the Portuguese Science, Technology, and Higher Education Ministry to build a research and innovation agenda for the Atlantic, the AIR Center.

The project intends to contribute to a better atmospheric and oceanic monitoring, both regarding the precision and relevance of the acquired data, as well as the location of their acquisition. With that purpose, the project proposes the development of a hybrid platform comprised of a high-altitude balloon (responsible for the ascent in altitude of the payload) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (responsible for the guided descent and controlled release of probes). Taking advantage of its unique location, the project aims to build a launching station based in the Azores archipelago. This station will allow the rapid deployment of the proposed hybrid platform, as well as mission planning, resulting in an inexpensive solution to carry on scientific missions, such as: atmospheric sounding and monitoring, ocean surface monitoring and transport of scientific payload to remote areas of the ocean. The proposed solution will allow the acquisition of data otherwise unreachable in a cost-effective manner, also providing near space conditions for the test and validation of space related products, as well as the possibility of serving as communication relay for search and rescue missions.

This platform will be capable of covering hundreds of kilometers, at different heights, with considerable speed, something unachievable by other technologies, such as the commonly named drones. This solution also bridges the existing gap between space and surface instrumentation, adding to the available satellite information the detailed long term analysis of targeted areas. Due to it's flexibility, this hybrid platform may be seen as a living laboratory, a hub, for innovation ecosystems, test and development of new products and services. 

Outros Investigadores

Outras Instituições

​Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica (IDMEC)
Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ)
TEKEVER Autonomous Systems, Lda (TEKAS)

Ficha de Projeto

Innovative High Altitude Balloon for Atlantic Observation: Fostering the Development of a Collaborative Platform for Integrated Aerial and Oceanic Research
Referência: MITEXPL/IRA/0140/2017
Entidade financiadora: FCT
Investigador Responsável: José Pacheco (IVAR)
Duração: 2018 - 2019 (01/03/2018 - 01/03/2019)
Prorrogação: 31 de dezembro de 2019
Total: 81.050,00 €

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