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COUTINHO, R., PACHECO, J., WALLENSTEIN, N., PIMENTEL, A., MARQUES, R., SILVA, R. (2009) -  Integrating geological knowledge in planning methods for small islands coastal plans. Proceedings of 10th International Coastal Symposium 2009, Lisboa, 13 - 18 de Abril.​


The Archipelago of the Azores lies in the interstice of the North-American, African and Eurasian lithospheric plates. The geodynamical setting is therefore complex. Consequently, this area is affected by intense seismic and volcanic activity.


This study addressed the coastal geology of four Azorean islands: Santa Maria, Graciosa, Flores and Corvo. The coastlines studied exhibited a diversity of littoral types, with distinct lithologies and morphologies.
It is a well know fact that the coastlines are socio-economically very important in any archipelago. Therefore, it is imperative that land-use management methodologies are implemented in these vital areas. This need is further justified by the natural seismic and volcanic vulnerabilities of these islands, which makes the need for hazard assessments absolutely fundamental. It is this knowledge that will later inform our policies and methodologies of risk mitigation, sustainable development and land management planning.


This study analyses two aspects of this problematic: geological characterization and hazard assessment. Special attention must be paid to the geomorphology, volcanic features, tectonic structures, lithology, hydrology, coastal stability and erosion patterns of these areas. Risk assessments of seismic, landslide and tsunami were undertaken and used as a reference in the formulation of the Coastal Zone Management Master Plans for the abovementioned islands.


After the Hazard Assessment was concluded, the Geology team along with the Planning team, built up a Management Map, a Constraints Map and the corresponding legal rules that ought to be applied in these domains.