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Explosive Eruption Risk and Decision Support for EU Populations Threatened by Volcanoes

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Investigador Responsável/IVAR


​The main objective of the project consists in the quantitative analysis of explosive eruption risk in densely populated EU regions and the evaluation of the likely effectiveness of possible mitigation measures (such as land-use planning, engineering interventions in buildings, emergency planning and community preparedness) through the development of volcanic risk facilities - such as supercomputer simulation models, vulnerability databases, and probabilistic risk assessment protocols - and their application to high-risk European volcanoes. The specific objectives we plan to achieve are: 1) define quantitative volcanological scenarios for the most dangerous European volcanoes, 2) develop massively parallel supercomputer models for the simulation of pyroclastic flow and fallout dispersal in 3D, 3) develop vulnerability databases for buildings, infrastructures, and inhabitants, 4) quantify the potential impact of the eruptive events, 5) define potential mitigation measures, 6) develop and apply probabilistic risk assessment protocols, and 7) transfer the project findings to civil protection authorities in order to provide policy-relevant information. The approach adopted aims at gathering and combining knowledge deriving from different fields in order to provide a strategic multidisciplinary set of expertises. Competence in field volcanology, geology, physical modeling, applied mathematics, fluid-dynamics, computer science, engineering, architecture, medicine, and risk analysis are all involved in the project, representing a unique opportunity to improve European capabilities to undertake the complex task of volcanic risk management.​​​

Outros Investigadores

​A. Neri, T. Ongaro (INGV-Pisa-IT); M.T. Pareschi, M. Rossi, R. Santacroce, M. Todesco, (IGG-IT); G. Erbacci, C. Cavazzone, L. Calori, M. Melotti (CINECA-IT); G. Macedonio, P. Papale, A. Bertagnini, P. Landi (OV-INGV-IT); P. Baxter, R. Spence, N. Brichieri-Colombi, D. Purser (UCAM-UK); G. Zuccaro, A. Baratta (UNAP-IT); P. Cole, S. Young (ULUT-UK); W. Aspinall, G. Woo (ASP-UK); J. Martí, F. Gómez, C. Soriano, G. Olivar, A. Folch, R. Codina (CSIC-ES); J.-C. Komorowski, G. Boudon, F. Beauducel (IPGP-F); B. Voight, C. Clarke (PSU-USA).

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Ficha de Projeto

Explosive Eruption Risk and Decision Support for EU Populations Threatened by Volcanoes
Entidade financiadora: UE
Contrato nº: EVR1-CT-2002-40026
Programa: FP5-EESD
Sub-programa: "Environment and Sustainable Development"
Responsável: Augusto Neri (INGV-Pisa-IT) / Teresa Ferreira
Duração: 2002 - 2006
Total: 224.459,00€
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